Stop feeling overwhelmed and struggling. Get back in control of your time in your leadership role.

(When you’ve run out of attention and…into the weeds of “just trying to keep up”)

Executives, entrepreneurs and managers in organizations of all sizes struggle with feeling overwhelmed.

Juggling multiple demands on your time, resolving constant conflicts, and coping with competing priorities can take their toll on you. Feeling overwhelmed negatively impacts your ability to perform at a consistently high level, collaborate well with your team and colleagues, and spend time with your family.

In a nutshell—you’re running out of the effective attention and strategic brainpower characterized by successful leaders.

You can get yourself out of the weeds…

I specialize in working with executives and entrepreneurs such as you, to bring back control, focus and peace of mind to your work. Based on your strengths and goals, my proven methodology enables you to:

  • Assess exactly how you spend your time now
  • Set specific goals for the most valuable uses of your time as a leader in your organization

From there, I work with you to:

  • Redesign your day and week
  • Set boundaries (What do you need to stop doing to better control your time?)
  • Put key habits and behaviors in place appropriate to your leadership role.

As a result, you are more productive, and you make better decisions. You notice that your performance as well as that of your team and your organization improves—seemingly with less effort and hassle.

As you get back in control pay offs can include:

  • Consistently investing time on areas of high strategic value; fostering greater clarity, creativity and flexibility when you are facing change, challenge and ambiguity.
  • Increased resiliency. When you recognize how, why and when feeling overwhelmed affects you, you can take practical steps to alleviate your stress.
  • Developing (and making the most of) daily and weekly rhythms allowing you to work with a single minded focus and then take breaks that truly refuel the tank.

At a minimum, our work together results in greater productivity, performance, and organizational results. In many cases, this has resulted in executives getting their lives back–from saving their marriages to making more time for their children, making significant improvements in their health and vitality, sleeping better, and feeling recharged and fulfilled about their work again.

If you’re not sure if you control your time (or vice versa) download this short assessment by clicking here. At the same time, if you would like to discuss your situation, please call me on my personal cell phone at (513) 673-6558 or email me at

Andrea Dale
The Executive Coach for Overwhelmed Leaders

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